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It is quiet where I live and work,

An absence of noise and chatter.

Few cars pass the street on which we live.

There is an absence of cars, that park in front of our house.

We are thankful for this quietness.

It's value is not in the realm of dollars or comparisons.

Quietness and Silence are the ground and stability in our lives.


A stable mind and body,

A single mind, silent and still, has dynamic potential,

To move and do…to go straight.

To stand straight, to embody uprightness,

Is the effort to be in balance with all that is around us.

This is the platform from which our kyudo practice moves.


What do we do when we practice?

We affirm and express our body and mind.

We put forth our potential within our capacity.

When we do this wholeheartedly in the presence of the continuity of moments,

We are in the full roundedness of what we are as beings.

I join you now, and now again, in the fullness of your practice.

We must not forget why we come to practice.


To be positive in mind,

Is to assure our clarity and confidence of being alive,

Whether we know it or not it moves us forward,

For there is no need to look back,

and no particular need to always know answers to conflicts that are without end.

We can go into the unknown with open arms

When we are positive in mind and remember the stable seat of silence

that is without comparisons and discriminations.


3/2/09 don symanski