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Welcome !

To practice and study in the rich traditions of Japanese Kyudo is to receive an invitation to experience body and mind with depth and fullness. Kyudo is a life long pursuit of personal reflection, vow, and dedication that brings you to strive to work harmoniously in relationships with others.

You are invited to explore the visual and written imagery of Kyudo, the Japanese yumi, as well as students' efforts striving along the way.

This site is dedicated to students engaged in the living practice and study of Kyudo based in traditional values of the Heki-ryu Bishu Chikurin-ha school of Kyudo, though not excluding the practice and values of other traditional schools of Kyudo.

Additionally, this site is a vehicle to present the yumi of Don Symanski, their making, maintenance, care and availability.

The architects of the site are students engaged in both Kyudo and the grounding practice of Zazen sitting meditation. I wish to express my appreciation to these friends as well to the greater Kyudo community over the years.



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