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Equipment- Yumi



1. Basic bamboo yumi;
This style yumi, made of two laminations of bamboo and a solid one piece inner core of wood is quite sturdy for beginners and kyudo class use. Yumi strength range is 7-15 kilograms
.…………$550.00 plus shipping*

2. Higo bamboo yumi;
5-7 piece yumi core of hardwood and bamboo. Inner and outer bamboo laminations are of sun dried, bleached, and lightly tempered bamboo with occasional surface variations or markings. Usually recommended and purchased by beginners and intermediate students. ................$600.00 (higo; yumi core contains tempered bamboo strips )
3. Tempered Bamboo yumi;
Same core as the Higo yumi, with the addition of the inner bamboo face tempered medium to dark brown with variations. This style yumi is often light in weight and stronger than lighter tempered yumi................$650.00

4. Shihochiku yumi;
6-7 piece core; 80% bamboo. This is the distinction of this style yumi. (shiho=all around. chiku= bamboo ) This type core helps provides for a light strong yumi that is quite responsive upon release ) Bamboo laminated faces can be natural colored or tempered darker ................$750.00

5. Lacquered yumi;
Inner core same as the basic and smoked yumi or as the shihochiku
Inner bamboo face lamination lacquered; black, browns, dark burgundy, etc..Your choice..............$850.00

The above prices are for namisun and nisun length yumi. Yonsun+ yumi are $50.00 more in price. All yumi over 19 kilos add 20% cost to price.

When ordering specify the following;
Yumi can be ordered in kilo strengths ranging; 7-25 kilos.
Yumi Length sizes; sansun-tsumari,namisun, nisun, yonsun or longer.
Kake size should be specified so width and thickness of the yumi at the grip is considered.


Delivery time for yumi; From the time of ordering to delivery can vary from 3 days to 6 weeks depending on type of yumi, availability in stock, yumi strength, custom work, time of year, etc,.

In considering the purchase of a yumi, it is best for the yumi maker to have a personal talk (phone conversation) with the interested person in order to go over the exact needs of the student.
My phone # 303-665-2465-----email donsymanski(at)indra.com

*Yumi prices do not include shipping: FEDEX is used for shipping in the US. Shipping for one yumi is usually about $40-45.00.

Higher shipping costs for yumi shipped to Canada

Shipping to Europe depending on country : Cost can vary from $250.00- $350.00) US dollars
Normally shipping time takes 4-7 days providing there are no complications in customs in foreign shipments.

FedX, as other shippers unpredictablely rise their prices so this causes shipping cost to go up.


Yumi and kyudo equipment orders are to be paid after the shipping cost is determined at the shipper and the total cost is determenined. A email will be sent to you of the total. In some orders installments plans can be arrangemented. Method of payment can vary: personal check, bank transfer, or PayPal. (PayPal has a tax tax that is appied to the purchase ...it is usually 4%)

All orders must be paid in full in advance, unless special arrangements are made.
Checks should be payable to Don Symanski. Prices are subject to change.


Don Symanski
815 E. Simpson Street,
Lafayette, CO 80026

Telephone/Fax: 303-665-2465
Email: donsymanski(at)indra.com